We are excited to announce that starting July 2020 we are launching a series of interactive webinars. The first webinar’s title is “We Think Beyond Epi-Wafer” and it has been designed to give an overview of the epitaxy division’s technology and products.

“During the one-hour webinar our experts will explain how and why our III-V epi-wafers are the bedrock of next-generation photonic and microelectronic devices. They will demonstrate the epitaxial process with its challenges, discuss our custom-made solutions and review our products industry applications. They will focus on our VCSEL technology and provide an in-depth look into its design and development. The webinar also provides an opportunity to explore our products portfolio and interact with our specialists” – says Wlodek Strupinski, Head of Epitaxy Division at VIGO System.

The webinar includes two topics:

  1. Get To Know The Epitaxy Division which offers practical insights into the complexity of the epitaxial technology and presents the division’s customised epi-wafer solutions.
  2. VCSEL Epi-Structures And Processing which highlights the division’s advanced technology capabilities in VCSEL design and development. It also provides an inside look at VCSEL manufacturing process as well as at the challenges the epitaxy division faces and masters to deliver outstanding results.

You can register and attend for free on this link.